What is Aviarc?

Aviarc is a tool that lets you design and prototype in any way you like to work - loose, tight, slow, fast. Think it, shape it, try it, make it. Prototyping equals designing by making.

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As a designer or front-end developer, you have your own unique way of working. You no doubt begin with some form of sketching, whether on paper or whiteboard. But pretty quickly you start getting things on to a screen.

Depending on how you think, this may be in the form of screen flows, wireframes, crude screen layouts or even fairly polished and ultimately interactive screens.

Most designers move through these stages as the design develops. With Aviarc you work with one tool that allows you to do any of the above and in any order you want - so you can focus on delivering outcomes for your customers, quickly and efficiently.

Working with Aviarc

A common complaint about current wireframing and prototyping tools is that they force you to work the way they want you to work. Aviarc gives you the freedom to work the way that you want to work. Let’s take a look at the flexibility and power that Aviarc gives you...

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Rapid design

Other applications allow for rapid design prototyping, but with Aviarc, the ability to efficiently revise any aspect of the app, even after release, is to your competitive advantage. You'll say "yes" to client and user feedback because you know the impact on you and the schedule is manageable.

  • Rapidly design and layout the screens - keep up with unreasonable demands.
  • Comprehensive theming features for quick edits or new variations
  • Easily create and revise sophisticated interactions
  • Easily 'draw with data' to build compositions and their data flows
  • Design in the web, what you see is what it is

Prototype anything at the component level

Imagine it and experience it using prototyped components. Beyond visual design, our tools allow you to create any interaction or design concept, by interchangeably using real or prototyped components along with all the capability the web has to offer. We provide compositions that handle all levels of interactivity and data structures. You are able to do all this in the early design stages, or whenever you need to.

  • Includes all the building blocks you need to build rich visual user experiences
  • Design compositions that create interactions such as show/hide, drag & drop, etc
  • Create complex data model simulations for validation before building the final app


Evolve your application from a loose unstructured “sketch” approach, knowing you’ll change rapidly based on user feedback, to structured, re-usable, properly architected compositions that developers will love you for.

  • Everything is a component and they're either real or a prototype
  • Build compositions out of components to remove clutter and enable easy re-use
  • Compositions can be made up of real or prototype components - there's no difference
  • Re-use components and compositions
  • Share components and compositions
  • Themes let you quickly re-skin your app, or even change fidelity on the fly

Born-in-the-cloud tooling

Sure, we’ve given designers and front-end developers a great set of tools to work with, but we’ve also made sure that your development process will be smooth sailing too. And because you are working in the cloud, it’s easier for teams to collaborate as they go.

  • Use anywhere - no installs or downloads
  • Native web tooling, designed for working in and on the web
  • No lossy translations between pictures and apps
  • No re-work due to switching between different tools
  • Pixel-perfect validation of what the user will get - it is what you are seeing