Who is Aviarc?

Aviarc is a bunch of developers and designers and business analysts who are probably a lot like you - we've suffered through the pains of developing big bespoke web applications for great but demanding clients. And eventually we came to realise... there's got to be a better way!

Aviarc - Helping you create certainty of outcome

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The Aviarc team's Big Hairy Audacious Goal is to bring about disruptive change to the way that web application design and development get done.

This requires the creation of new technologies, new ways of designing, new ways of collaborating, and an ever-growing community-driven marketplace of ideas, components and collaborations.

We want to get the ball rolling, but we hope that the ball grows to become something that dwarfs us by the impact on the greater web design world. This needs to happen now. With software at the heart of digital business, more custom software will need to be developed than there are trained software engineers to create it.

We intend to put software creation tools into the hands of anyone with an eye for what makes a successful application.

Shane Mercer, CEO Aviarc

Our History

Aviarc was the first major product out of the R&D labs of Core Technology, a 21-year-old New Zealand company. With a heritage in large IT infrastructure consulting projects, Core has provided key services for some of the largest projects in New Zealand. In 2016 Core was acquired by Certus Solutions, the largest IBM solutions business partner in Australia/New Zealand.

As the business grew and began to develop large scale web applications, Core's R&D team began work to solve the major problem they had identified with software development technologies - allowing the user to experience and validate an application before major software engineering takes place. As the teams built ever-larger and more complex applications for Core's clients, they have continued to develop a keen sense of better ways to design certainty of outcome for them.

A variety of agile prototyping and development approaches have been built into Aviarc. The goal is to share this with the world under the Aviarc brand name.

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We are always looking for top developers who want to push boundaries and make changes in how the rapidly evolving web development world does its thing. If you'd like to do your thing with us, please get in touch.

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